Friday, June 19, 2009

The Oriental Vegetarian Meal on SQ

The Oriental Vegetarian Meal on SQ

Ugh. That was kinda nasty. I figured that I'd try something else on my next SQ run, all while trying to eat a bit healthier. So I got this Chinese vegetarian meal, whose tofu (?) thing in the middle came out piping hot. Still, this boring thing didn't exactly put any smiles on my face.

Sure, it was a special meal, so one couldn't expect much. But had I known that they'd be serving a creation of Sanjeev Kapoor on tonight's flight as a standard selection, then I wouldn't have gone through the trouble of ordering a special meal. At least I was lucky enough to have gotten a plane with the new economy class seats.


Dennis K. said...

I really enjoy all your airline meal posts! Man, you sure have a cool job, haha. Please keep up the great work. Cheers

EatTravelEat said...

That looks interesting but not very appetizing! The middle portion doesn't really look like tofu. At first I thought it was some fried gluten or something like that.

Fat1 said...

Asian vegetarians are usually delicious. Maybe you got an alcoholic.

Anonymous said...

ugh is right. That looks like a frozen dinner from 1960's put on a plate. Frozen green bean and carrots( cheapest vegggies to be found) mystery meat in gravy, and rice. Or maybe a school lunch from jr high school. all it lacks is a container of chocolate milk.