Monday, May 11, 2009

Eight Immortals Vegetarian, Singapore

Chinese Vegetarian Economic Bee Hoon

These Chinese vegetarian guys apparently have a proper restaurant somewhere, but this was from the food court at Great World City. And while I'm sure it would have tasted much better if it had come straight out of the kitchen piping hot, this was unfortunately kinda nasty given how it was served like economic rice: sitting around at room temperature in a bunch of trays. At least it was cheap.


Kathy said...

Generally I tend to avoid this chain except for the branch at Jurong Point which serves piping hot food. The cooks are "mama" age aunties and they have way better sides. Avoid their lucky plaza branch. It is awful. Wouldn't Pepper Lunch have been a better bet at Great World City?

Their restaurant is at the Clementi area, can't comment since I've never eaten there.

Sadly, some pretty good Chinese vegetarian restaurants or food stalls which serve stuff like oddly "authentic" hainanese chicken rice, sambal fish etc have closed down.

Tung Lok's Lingzhi was good till they started cutting corners and it showed. It's not cheap either for its current quality.

But really, for good vegetarian food at food courts, go with your gut feel. There are random gems here and there. One pretty good one is at Chinatown food centre.

And do try to avoid eating vegetarian food past 6pm+ because they do not keep well in the cold aircon. Lunchtime is best.

Anonymous said...

Although I did not go to Eight Immortals Vegetarian, I ate at a lot of Chinese restaurants during my travels in Southeast Asia. Personally, I did not find it too cold (although I did some other buffets).

You can listen to my internet radio short about Chinese vegetarian food in SE Asia here.