Monday, November 03, 2008

An Indian Meal on the New SQ Business Class

Lucknowi kofta curry, diwani handi, corn kadhi and tomato pulao

Cool. After having flown on planes with the old SQ seats last month, I finally got one of the 777-300ER's that had been outfitted with the new seats this time. So I took advantage of this opportunity to burn 50,000 miles on a one-way upgrade into the new business class...yes, the one where the seat was so wide that it looked like you could almost fit two people into it.

Only today did I realize why it was so wide: length-wise you couldn't really extend your legs into a flat position by pointing forward. Instead, you had to sit diagonally, which effectively made this a herringbone layout except that it didn't feel as claustrophobic as Air Canada's Executive First Suite. But since you could orient yourself toward the front of the plane when sitting up straight, you didn't have to take off and land in a sideways position. It was the best of both worlds, I suppose. (This may sound rather silly, but the lavatories were also finally the way a bathroom should be, with a deep sink, automatic faucets, and pedal-operated wastebins.)

And how about the food? Tonight's main course featured a creation from Sanjeev Kapoor, who is apparently a celebrity chef from Mumbai. Normally I don't like paneer, but this was tasty enough that I gobbled it up with ease. It still suffered from the same problem that I have with Indian food in economy class though: not enough rice!


Francis said...

Just great.

Buda said...

Hey, mind if you focus on the food a little more? Not interested in the seats. What are the flavours? Good? I read your blog so I can experience your delicious and not so delicious foods.

I Love Teh Tarik! said...

I disagreed with buda, I look forward to hearing/reading everything about your flying experience =)

Anonymous said...


What was actually served? It's quite hard to see from the photo - the rice is obvious, but what's the other two dollops on the side?