Saturday, August 30, 2008

Air Canada's Executive First Suite

Smoked Trout, Gravlax, Filet of Halibut, Salmon, and Pumpernickel Bread with Mustard Dill Sauce

This was the meal that I got on Air Canada today before landing, featuring four different kinds of cold fish. Frankly, it was a far cry from that cold platter I got on Lufthansa recently, but it did the job.

Perhaps more interesting to me was this so-called Executive First Suite. Despite the name, this was effectively business class on this two-class plane rather than the first class mansions that SQ and Emirates are known for having. The herringbone layout took a while to get used to at first, especially when taking off sideways and pointing inwards. It also seemed a bit claustrophobic at first given that the seats weren't that wide, and the dividers were a tad high.

But in the end it was rather comfortable, and was one of the few lie-flat business class seats where the controls really made it clear how you could adjust your seat. This was all fitted with that mood lighting that slowly changed to simulate the sunrise, as well as some big VOD screens, even if they were a bit buggy. It sure was better than United's old school first class either way, and it was also nice to have a bathroom with a porthole, not to mention a full-length mirror and hands-free faucet.

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