Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bao Lai De, Outram Road, Singapore

Xinjiang Skewers and Mapo Tofu

Recently I noticed that a few Sichuan restaurants have popped up on Outram Road. And since we were in the neighborhood this afternoon, we walked by all three of them to see what was on their menus. Two of them featured hotpot as well as some cooked dishes, so we ended up at this one because he was also serving Xinjiang skewers (249 Outram Road, 9325-5187).

The skewers were fine, but still nothing compared to LDM. And the Sichuan dishes like mapo tofu and string beans likewise were edible, but a far cry from Hometown.

Probably the most unique thing tonight was the eggplant in the Xinjiang skewers section. It was cut into a giant flat sheet and grilled on one side (while spiced up on the other), thus making it like a Xinjiang version of nasu dengaku. If I come back here again, then it would really just be because of the eggplant.

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Anonymous said...

Sichuan food seems to the be the "cool" Chinese food around the world right now! I like the sound of that eggplant.