Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grill Fish Nagato, PARCO Marina Bay

Tsubodai Teishoku

Every time we come up to the Itadakimasu food area at PARCO Marina Bay, we usually skip right past these guys. This is in part because our intention was usually to go one of the other restaurants, but also because the menu here featured set meals that really didn't look very inspiring. Yet for some reason we decided to stop here today (9 Raffles Boulevard #P3-05, 6336-6272), and I'm glad that we did.

I grabbed a tsubodai special, whose meat was firm yet fatty, making it delicious when its skin was flame grilled to a crispy texture. A taste of their gindara teriyaki worked for me too. And pairing the fish with everything else on this tray made it not that much different from the teishoku available at Ootoya, which is where I usually go for grilled fish but get stopped by those huge lines.

Now I know that we can just come here for an affordable and healthy meal instead, even if I don't get the luxury of having unlimited rice like I do there. I'm definitely looking forward to trying all of the other fish they had on their menu (indeed, it looks like this place is run by the Nakajima Suisan people).

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