Saturday, May 07, 2011

Precious Congee at HK Terminal 1 Airside

Fresh Mushroom and Chicken Congee

Actually, I wasn't even looking for porridge tonight. For some reason, I got the craving for a quick bowl of wanton mee, and was hoping to grab something at the food court on my way out to the gate. Unfortunately, the only shop serving noodles at this food court was Chen Fu Ji, a shop commonly found across Singapore. So in an attempt to try to find something more unique, I tried their next door neighbor (Level 6 West Hall Airside Food Court, 2261-0586), which carried a peculiar name of Precious Congee (surely it sounded better in Chinese).

Perhaps more peculiar was a section on the menu deemed "fresh" congee. I wasn't sure what that meant, especially since I can't imagine that implies that the other congee wasn't fresh. At one point, I almost flinched and left when I guessed that "fresh" meant that it was done on the spot, and hence wasn't stewed all day into a grainless sludge like I prefer. But I still went ahead with it, and fortunately it was the tasty Cantonese goop that I wanted. My only gripe? The chicken was still attached to little bones, making this frustratingly difficult to eat before rushing to the gate. Oh well.

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