Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Mango Shootout: Vietnam vs Myanmar

From left: Vietnamese R2E2 and Burmese Santa Lone

Time for another mango comparison. This time, we found these big Vietnamese mangoes on the left for S$2.99 (US$2.40) at Giant, and compared them to Burmese Santa Lone on the right for S$2.50 (US$2.00) from Tanjong Pagar Market. The Vietnamese one was clearly bigger, and provided a ton of juicy flesh that was respectably tasty too.

But the biggest surprise was the Burmese ones. They weren't as rich as Indian alphonsos, but they were so amazingly sweet that it almost seemed as if they injected sugar water into them or something. Awesome. No wonder why the little sticker on them carried taglines like "World's Best Tasting Mango" and "Pride of Myanmar." I'm gonna have to go buy more of these.


D said...

try the ones from indonesia bro

Pinoy Lah! said...

the two best mangoes in the world are from the Philippines AND Burma. The other ones are either too fibrous (AUS) or have a hint of curry (IND, SG, MY).

who are you, travelling hungryboy, i want to know your identity.