Sunday, April 17, 2011

Banganapalli versus Alphonso Mangoes

From left: Banganapalli Mangoes and Alphonso Mangoes

It's mango season now, so we went down to Mustafa to check out their selection. We of course grabbed some of those kicka$$ alphonsos, but they also had another variety called banganapalli, which we bought as a comparison. The verdict? Alphonsos by far. The banganapallis were very light in flavor and had nothing of the rich milky sweet taste of the deep orange alphonsos.

To be fair though, the banganapallis we had weren't very ripe, and actually one of the other alphonsos we had wasn't ripe either, thus making it sour. But the ripe alphonsos were still awesome, thus easily justifying the S$13.90/kg (US$5.50/lb) price over the S$8.90/kg (US$3/lb) banganapallis. I think it's time to go back and buy a box of those alphonsos while they are still in season.


Shilpa said...

Hi bma, wait another month for these round mangoes that they call "apple mangoes" or "rumani mangoes", also from India. I'm no longer in S'pore, but when I was, I saw them only in the shops on Buffalo Road - they look like yellow apples and have such smooth flesh almost devoid of fibre, and their skins are so thin you can peel them with your fingers! No kidding, watch out for them, they're usually around for only 2 months tops

favoured said...

Strangely enough I was along Dunlop St Little India and chanced upon a shop selling Neelam mangoes from India. Having purchased them earlier from NTUC Finest, they weren't what caught my eye, nor tthe Tottipuri mangoes (the variety with the curved pointed ends) next to it but a baseball sized round mango I had not seem before displayed next to them. The stall-owner gave the name as "Romali". As the closest name I had in my mango database was Rumani, and there being just a hand full left, I of course tried it. I was not disappointed. Not since The Malgoa mango swept me off my feet has a mango come close to it - It was sensational! It had a deep penetrating favour that went nearly on and on. Like the Malgoa, it was creamy rather than fibrery - my personal litmus test of a great mango. I scooped up what remained of those worth taking. Made my day! Best of all, I met the agent, got his number, learnt stocks were out and now can't wait to order a crate come April next year when the season arrives. Anyone more familiar with this mango?