Thursday, February 10, 2011

El Sol Market's Taqueria, San Jose

Clockwise from Bottom: Lengua, Carnitas, and Al Pastor Tacos

I needed a quick snack before dinner tonight, so I stopped at this Mexican supermarket (705 North 13th Street, 287-8431), as it featured a little taqueria on the side. I grabbed a my usual lengua, carnitas, and al pastor varieties at $1.50 each and gobbled them up in seconds.

Now, some of the taco trucks that I've been eating at have been edgier in taste, so I wasn't going nuts over this place. But these were still tasty enough that I'll come back, especially since they had tons of other things on the menu like menudo.

Plus, next time I'll try not to be so rushed so that I can pick up some local stuff from the grocery section, like pork rinds and even dried chili peppers. I guess the setup here is a bit like La CosteƱa, bit with a bigger market and wider selection of cooked food.

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