Sunday, September 05, 2010

ROAST at One Rochester, Singapore

Shellfish risotto with seared langoustine and avruga caviar

That was totally unexpected. We were orignally in the Rochester Park area scouting for a private event venue at a neighboring tenant when we mistakenly came here instead (1 Rochester Park, 6773-0070). It turned out to be surprisingly good, with this risotto in particular blowing me away. The langoustine was tender, naturally sweet, and yet still with the beautiful fragrance of a quick sear. Topping it with caviar and with a creamy risotto underneath was frosting on the cake.

I'm easily coming back. In particular, I want to plop myself down here on an afternoon just trying out a bunch of their bar snacks, if those playful little baby potato skins that we had tonight were representative of how good this place could be. I regret that I never really cared about trying out this place before (probably because of a lackluster experience at its next door neighbor ages ago). But one taste of this place tonight, and it's instantly leapt into one of my favorite places in town.

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