Friday, September 03, 2010

Bollicine, The Rivergate, Singapore

Fettucce Tognazzi

Despite the Robertson Quay address, this isn't exactly a place that one would expect to find a restaurant at, as it is tucked into a big condo complex (95 Robertson Quay #01-19, 6509-8509). But I came across it a number of months ago while walking along the riverfront, and it's been a quiet little gem that I've been going to ever since.

The main reason is because of its consistently honest approach toward food. I've come to like a wide range of items from their menu, be it the starters, egg noodles, sea bass, or even something as simple as the fragrant olive oil they keep on each table. More than anything, it's just down to earth, and reminds us of simple, honest food from Italy.

The baffling thing for me though is that these guys are part of the same family as Quattro Stagioni Deli, a place in Liang Court that I've never been a big fan of (and that, not so surprisingly, shut down recently). I wasn't expecting to find out that they are associated with Via Veneto either, even if I've only been there once. Well, I hope that Bollicine sticks around; I'd rather come here than many of the other Italian places with better known names.

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Love yr blog! was looking through yr archives and going 'Wah' every few secs :P Great write-ups! learnt alot fr our blog :)