Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pizza from La Noce at Valley Point

Margherita Pizza

I was never really a huge fan of La Forketta. And even when this place took over their old premises (491 River Valley Road #01-01, 6877-1986), it looked like any other Italian place, so I never really rushed to come here. But one of the few things I liked about La Forketta was the oven, which of course these guys got in the process. The lady told me that pizzas would only take five minutes, which worked out well for me given that I was in a bit of a rush and yet wanted something fresh and light. As promised, this this thin little thing came out within a few minutes piping hot.

It did the job. After all, it was just a margherita pizza, so it really couldn't get much simpler. But the margins these guys are making on this stuff is amazing. The pizza was S$18 (US$13) while the glass of house red was S$12 (US$8.50). Considering that this had nothing but the fewest of ingredients, they no doubt made some good coin off this. Well, the taste was good enough that I'd consider coming back to try their other stuff, even if at face value it really didn't seem that different from all of the other Italian restaurants around here.

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