Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pizzeria al Leoncino, Rome, Italy


One can already deduce from the name that these guys specialized in Roman wood-fired pizza (Via del Leoncino 28, 687-6306). But what made this place kinda cool was that it was very informal and friendly, and with a very short menu consisting of not much more than pizza and a few random things on the side, like this plate of white beans. It came out of the kitchen very quickly along with a giant bottle of olive oil and a pepper mill, not to mention a little €5 (US$7) carafe of house wine.

Pizza Capricciosa

When we asked for a recommendation on a pizza selection, they suggested the capricciosa, which not only came out unsliced, but also interestingly came with entire olives thrown on top, complete with pits. Not that I minded that - in fact, I was going to see how I could score a plate of olives already. And sure, this round thin-crusted pizza got a little soggy in the middle with all of the ingredients weighing in, but it was fresh and had a dough that I actually wanted to eat more of. That was fun, and the best part was that there was hardly a tourist in sight.

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