Saturday, April 24, 2010

Various Items From Across Tokyo

Kirin Salt and Lime

Here were a few random things that we came across in town, the first of which was this salt and lime drink from Kirin that I saw at a convenience store. A salt and lime drink didn't exactly sound very appealing, so I didn't try it, but it was interesting to see. Was it perhaps meant to be mixed with something else?

Nikumaki Onigiri

Next was this stand called Ganso Nikumaki Honpo (2-7-5 Shimokitazawa, 5790-9703) selling onigiri, but instead of seaweed, they were wrapped in pork with the option of a cheese topping that is toasted on the spot with a little torch. It tasted exactly like how one would imagine a rice ball wrapped in bacon and topped with scorched cheese would taste like. These guys were open past midnight so I'm sure that all of that sodium and cholesterol would come in great after a number of drinks.

Ichigo Azuki Mochi

And finally, here was some kind of an azuki mochi that had a strawberry shoved inside. The strawberry was so naturally sweet and juicy that it reminded us that we had to get more Japanese fruit when we were here.

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