Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tsui Wah Restaurant, Hong Kong

Mushroom Noodles

After a number of post-work beers tonight, I needed a quick meal to sit in the belly, and this was pretty much the first place I had come across out on the streets. At a quick glance it seemed like any other local eating establishment where I figured I could get some porridge or other local favorites. But it was only when I sat down did I realize that this was a chain restaurant with an odd menu featuring things like angel hair pasta or even what they called Malaysian curry.

This noodle dish - something they considered to be a signature item - was one of the only things that I could find that was more in line with what I wanted. Actually, it was fine - its crunchy noodles and clear goopy topping were pretty much what was needed, especially with that surprisingly spicy chili oil on the side. But next time I'll probably skip past here and try to find a more grimey place instead.

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samg46 said...

ah, the good old chinese factory, as we used to call it. I'm a big fan of their corned beef and club sandwiches. they deliver as well, but it's pretty much impossible to get this done over the phone if you don't speak cantonese.