Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menemen from Anatolia Turkish Restaurant


That was surprisingly satisfying. I wasn't intending to get Turkish food again, but when I was poking around yesterday for lahmacun, I found out that these guys opened at 8 AM. So I hopped on down to Far East Plaza this morning in hopes of grabbing some menemen to kick start the day (yes, I regret not having gotten this in Turkey itself and do find it a bit odd that I'm trying this in Singapore instead).

I liked this thing so much that I wolfed it up in seconds. The piping hot egg was complimented by the tangy taste of the tomato and a little bite from the chili peppers, all to be mopped up by some toasty hot (and fragrantly sesame-adorned) pide bread. I never really realized it until I read about it online, but it really is a bit like getting huevos rancheros from back home.

Yes, I'll definitely come back for breakfast again, although it turned out Anatolia wasn't really open 8 AM like their website said. When I got there at 9:30, they were still setting up and wouldn't be ready for another hour. They only obliged when I told them that all I wanted was menemen. I'm not sure if they'll do the same next time, so it might be safer to go a bit later in the morning.

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