Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cappadocia Cafe Restaurant, Robertson Walk


Was it just me, or was anyone else salivating during this week's episode of No Reservations when they were wolfing down that lahmacun? What particularly irked me was the fact that I was in Istanbul last month and didn't even spend enough time there to try this stuff. So I made my way down to Cappadocia today (11 Unity Street #01-12, 6732-2411) in hopes that I could get something half-decently close here in Singapore.


Well, I don't really have a basis for comparison, but I liked it. This savory paper thin thing was refreshing and satisfying. For some reason they didn't provide lemon or parsley like Bourdain got in Turkey (and this round thing was cut it up into slices like a pizza rather than being a single oval-shaped item to be rolled up), but it still worked for me. The musakka up at the top also satiated my baked eggplant cravings from the other day.

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tanya said...

how serendipitous... i passed this place the other day and wondered how it was. I've been to Cappadoccia, no less. Shared my first Turkish pizza there with a Canadian couple who said it was the latest post-drinking munchies fad in Montreal. Any chance they had apple tea on the menu?