Monday, December 21, 2009

Zhong Hua Mei Shi, Boat Quay, Singapore

Xinjiang Skewered Meat

It looks like another shop down at Boat Quay is now selling Xinjiang skewers and Shaanxi cold noodles. These guys are closer to the North Bridge Road side (77 Boat Quay, 6532-2653) and went a bit easier on the spices - despite us telling them to load up on the heat. That meant that the taste wasn't as memorable as the other guys down the way, but it also meant that it was a bit more guilt-free...relatively speaking, of course.

Well, we also got one of their hot bowls of noodles, whose clean taste was better than some of the other ones that I've had in Geylang. And in case you're wondering, no, those are not marshmallows at the end. Those are steamed Chinese mantou buns...but grilled on a flame and covered in that seasoning. I think these guys are only open until midnight though, which pretty much eliminates the possibility of their dishes serving as a post-drinking snack.

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