Saturday, November 07, 2009

Gyoza no Tetsujin by En, ION Orchard


I wasn't planning to come here, but I needed a bit more food after that Korean fried chicken. Fortunately, just across from Bon Chon was this new gyoza shop (#B4-88, 6509-3256) from the people behind Okinawan restaurant En. I grabbed a box to top it off.

The thing that immediately struck me about these were the skins. They were super thin, but were also sticky enough that it was hard to separate these without ripping the neighboring piece open, even if it still tasted fine in the end. My preference is still for Ohsho as a result.

Interestingly, they had a sign out front that said that these were from Osaka Osho, which apparently is not the same as the Gyoza no Ohsho chain referenced above. I'm not sure what Osaka Osho is like, but it reminded me that a visit to the Gyoza Stadium is in order next time I get the chance to head back up to Osaka.

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