Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sankranti, Syed Alwi Road, Singapore

Sankranti Special: phulka, white rice, sengapodi, nallakaram, ghee, pickle, roti pachadi, pappu, vepudu, rasam, appalam, charu, chicken korma, fish pulusu, curd, and sweet

That may look like any other thali, but if you look in the upper left hand corner, there was something in particular that I was told to come for: that yellow fluid in the clear plastic jar. It was warm drawn butter, and right next to it was "gunpowder," or ground chili and spice powder.

Yup...this was another ghee and podi episode, although this time it was mixed into that big bowl of white rice. These sengapodi and nalla karam powders were more salty than they were spicy, but in the end, the ghee still dominated the taste. Mmm...

Actually, the other items in that tray did provide a delightful degree of heat; so much that when I left the place, my stomach was on fire. This was all from a shop across from Mustafa on the second story (100 Syed Alwi Road #02-03, 6292-7655) above the Copper Chimney restaurant. Not to be confused with Sanskruti, these guys seem to specialize in Andhra cuisine.


Kathy said...

Was the lemon rice any good? I've been having so much difficulty finding lemon rice at night, that I've taken to making my own.

Murgan had that on the lunch menu but there was not a taste of lemon at all. And the yogurt rice was dangerously warm, not to mention porridge like.

The idly and uttapams are way better.

Santhi said...

It's very spicy isn't it.

IPage Telecom said...

We can ask for more spicy if we need. They are very friendly team working. Durga, Rahim, Mohan, Velu etc people

Gopal Reddy