Friday, May 08, 2009

Sanskruti Pure Veg Food, Lau Pa Sat

Clockwise from left: dhal bati, some little noodle-like thing, gatta, rice, dhal, laddu, chapati

Mmm...that was good. A former colleague of mine (the same one who opened my eyes to the mindblowingly delicious world of chaat nearly four years ago) suggested that we head to Lau Pa Sat today for lunch, as he wanted to show me cuisine from his home state of Gujarat. We thus meandered our way through all of the tables to reach stall number 25, which was clearly very popular given its very long line. We eagerly awaited our turn.

He picked everything out for me, including something called gatta, which looked like sliced hot dogs at first, but instead was made from chickpea flour and sat in an addictively rich curry. He also fixed me up with a special called dhal bati, which was actually from the neighboring state of Rajasthan, and was basically a bowl of crushed wheat balls topped with dhal. One spoonful of this stuff uncovered the delightful taste of ghee, which is probably why this dish is also known to help one fall asleep (probably not the best thing to have during a working day).

We then closed off the meal with a little round ball called churma laddu, which like many Indian sweets was made from a load of ghee and sugar. But this one was different as the sugar was still very coarse, thus giving it a rather grainy texture. Rock on - I'll definitely come back...apparently in the off hours they serve chaat as well.

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