Monday, December 08, 2008

Elx, Maremagnum, Barcelona

Fideuà Valenciana de Marisc

The public holiday today messed up our plans to head to Valencia for paella, so it was good that we were able to come across this place (5 Moll d'Espanya, 93-225-8117), whose sister restaurant Elche apparently has a history of serving rice dishes in Barcelona. Ironically, we ended up grabbing fideuà, or the noodle-variant of paella, but we were particularly curious about this rendition as it featured thick and curvy (almost macaroni-like) noodles rather than the thin noodles from the other day.

It was a bit more oily and salty than I was expecting, but it was still delicious enough to wolf down quickly, especially after a quick squeeze of lemon. I was also quite happy with my Pulpo a la Gallega starter, whose sliced octopus was very tender and easy to eat with all of the seasoning on top. My only gripe was that the shrimp in the fideuà weren't as fresh as they could have been, which was a bit surprising for a place this upscale. I don't know if it was just our bad luck, but this was the second Michelin-listed place in the past few days that seemed to suffer from this problem.

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Anonymous said...

Probably related to the bank holiday on monday, and whatever seafood the restaurant had was actually from a Saturday catch.