Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saizeriya, Liang Court, Singapore

Tarako Supa

This wasn't meant to be a streak of Liang Court places. But this place was right across the way from Trung Nguyen, claiming to be one of the most popular Italian chains in Japan, so I was curious enough to come by today (177 River Valley Road #02-22, 6337-8948).

Now, this was really a Japanese family restaurant looking a bit like Denny's with its plastic booths, so don't come expecting a proper Italian place. But in line with that, I made sure to order one of those quintessential Japanese pasta dishes: supagetti tarako, which worked for me with its firm noodles and mildly spicy roe. Unfortunately not everything was so rosy: a separate ham spaghetti dish was such a bore that it reminded me of stuff that one cooked back in college.

I'll come back though. They had a lot of other things on the menu that I'm curious about, including the meat doria, which is apparently some kind of cheese-covered rice thing from Yokohama. And the prices were pretty darned cheap here, with pasta dishes at around S$7 (US$5) each. Besides, I kinda liked that house-branded Thousand Island dressing that they covered their side salads with.


Anonymous said...

hey , i had lunch here the other day. ordered the meat doria and the escargots and the shrimp salad.. the doria is kinda gross, just tasted like some canned pasta sauce over rice and a little bit of meat. it was huge though. the escargots were really limp (i like mine a little chewy). i liked the salad and the open concept drinks bar.

Michael C said...

So how does it compare to the chain in Japan?