Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bentendo Pasta & Cafe, Singapore

Tarako to ika to shiso supagetti

This Japanese pasta thing seems to be a growing trend in Singapore. This place (Great World City #03-32, 6235-5606) is run by the Bishamon guys downstairs on the former grounds of the Archangel sandwich shop, all the while preserving its clear glass "fishbowl" of a kitchen.

While they didn't offer that quintessential of Japanese pastas, supagetti mentaiko, they did offer its close (non-spicy) cousin in the form of tarako instead. It was fine, as they kept the noodles pleasantly firm. Nitpicking on a few small things like how salty it was, how small the portions were, or how mass-produced the salad dressing on the parma ham salad tasted would keep me from making any extra effort to come here, but it was just passable enough for me to not resist coming here if it were just out of convenience.

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xtinatanst said...

hi there, have you tried angus house at takashimaya? :) to be honest, i've been travelling the last year so i don't know if it's still around, but it gave me my first experience of japanese pasta... like spaghetti with uni and salmon roe.