Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Street Food in Mongkok, Hong Kong

Some kind of sticky rice and pancakes

This was from a random late night street vendor off the streets of Mongkok here in Hong Kong. The big pile on the right was of course sticky (long grain?) rice, into which she cut up some of those Chinese sausages along with some pickled vegetables to boot. It didn't taste as great as I thought it would though. It was very black-and-white: if you ate some of the pickled vegetables with the rice, it was very salty. If you ate some of the Chinese sausages, it was too sweet and fatty. There was nothing that really pulled it all together. At least it was only HK$11 (US$1.40).

I was, however, much happier with those savory pancake things in the background, which were thrown back onto the grill upon ordering but with some more of those salted veggies before folding it up and cutting it into pieces that you could poke with a wooden dowel. I got much more excited about this grease bomb, which incidentally turned the white blotting paper that it was wrapped in into a clear sheet instead. Nice.


KingT said...

I couldnt sum uo my blog any better than the description of yours except I like to cook. Amazing site.


Adam James Nall said...

Great photos; great blog.