Saturday, October 13, 2007

Taiwanese Corn and Sausages

Deep Fried Corn

There's a number of typical things that you'll see on the streets of Taipei, one of which is barbequed corn. But I hadn't seen this one before. (Is it new?) This corn was battered, deep fried, and then seasoned to your choice (garlic powder, curry, etc.). While deep frying it wasn't exactly anything that I'll rave over, at least it was less sweet and heavy than that sauce that is usually slathered all over the barbequed version.

Taiwanese SausagesCoincidentally, this husband and wife stall was selling grilled sausages too, which we also grabbed. Keep in mind that red Taiwanese sausages, while mildly sweet, are also extremely fatty. The way to cut through that grease is to bite off some sausage and chase each juicy morsel with the piercing bite of raw garlic (a bag of peeled cloves were sitting in a bag on the side). Dragon breath and artery-clogging issues aside, what's not to love about eating fat and garlic? It's a match made in heaven.

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joanh said...

did you try the sausage "wrapped" in the sticky rice sausage bun? it must be crazy fattening but so worth it.