Saturday, September 06, 2008

Canada's Tim Hortons Doughnuts

Tim Hortons Donuts and Coffee

Our gracious hosts took a lot of pride in introducing us to this seemingly ubiquitous chain of coffee and donut shops across Canada this week. Everywhere you looked, there was a Tim Hortons store. There was always a huge line of people there, and it even had its own lingo (a "double-double" was a coffee with two creams and two sugars, while "timbits" were donut holes). Judging by appearances alone though, it just looked like plain ol' donuts and coffee. Was there really anything that different about these?

Not really...they pretty much tasted just as I figured they would. They certainly weren't bad, but they didn't give me any of the emotional bang that Krispy Kreme or even Cafe Du Monde provided for a morning sugar bomb. Some of my Bostonian colleagues seemed to prefer their beloved Dunkin' Donuts too. I'm sure that Canadians will staunchly disagree; it looks like there's no end in sight for the ongoing Canadian-American rivalry.


mama bok said...

Muahahha!! welcome to Canada..!! yes.. i got hooked too.. but i only take a medium one cream. :) and no donuts please.. :)

Lilian Tan said...

Bonjour =)

u should try Timmy's French Vanilla, is yum!

ayl said...

I was over joyed to see a Timmies as I returned from a 2 month stay in Taiwan.

Double doubles are good, but triple triples are even more (sinfully) delicious! And I don't normally go for the donuts since their Maple Pecan Danishes are always there.

Jerry Teo said...

I like my double double but not a huge fan of Timmy's doughnuts. Can't disagree that they're so-so but they fill you up good.