Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back to UA's Old School Biz Class

Smoked Salmon, Duck Pate with Pistachios and Vegetable Crudite with Ranch Dressing

I was happy to find that my upgrade request got cleared on the return leg today. Unfortunately, the plane itself hadn't been upgraded, so I got stuck with the old business class seats, featuring those airplane-plugged power outlets, tiny non-VOD screens (yes, that's Indiana Jones in the background), and seatbacks that can recline into you. I'm not complaining - it was still business class after all (and on the upper deck with lots of generous storage, no less). But yeah, it's tough when you've been spoiled by the new version.

Oh - and Charlie Trotter was featured on the menu again today. His dish wasn't pictured above, but the tangy yellow sauce used in the Grilled Mahi Mahi was too sweet for me. Sure, stronger flavors are required in order to appease our tastebuds in the low air pressure, but if it were cranked down a bit, I probably would have liked it a lot more. I am happy to be seeing more of his meals on UA either way, and eagerly anticipate the next one.


ClearTear said...

how do you get to upgrade your flight so often? was it becos the flight was empty?

Anonymous said...

Because he flies often enough - UA 1K gets priority over the rest.

Fx said...

Call me odd but I prefer the old United Business seats to the new 'caskets' the airline has rolled out. I feel that the newer seats are narrower, has less padding and the space between myself and my neighbour has been compromised.

I'll take the new AVOD inflight system though! One constant is that the food's still rubbish! I was not a happy camper in the new seats on the SIN-ORD flight. And gladly welcomed the older seats on the ORD-HKG leg! I slept better on the older seat. Shocking I know!! Fx