Monday, July 14, 2008

Wahoo's Fish Taco in California

Combo Platter 2

Despite being from California, I've never really been a big fan of fish tacos, as the grilled fish was just too lean to be exciting. But I figured that it wouldn't hurt to get something a bit healthier today, and hoped that Wahoo's might change my opinion about these things. I suppose that Mark DeCarlo's Taste of America episode on fish tacos provided a bit of inspiration too.

Unfortunately, this was just as I remembered it - very lean compared to my usual helpings of pork. Sure, it was still tasty enough for me to clear down the entire plate together with rice and beans, but next time I think I'll try going for their shrimp version instead. One could always fall back on carnitas in the worst case.


Anonymous said...

I love Wahoo's! and your blog is great -NYC

Buda said...

I have to say I love fish but I've never had fish in a taco. Sounds healthy. I guess the good thing is you can eat more food when you eat fish.