Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hotshots Flame-grilled Burgers, Singapore

Cheese Burger Deluxe

Man, there are a lot of Filipino stalls here at Singapore's Lau Pa Sat. Granted, hamburgers might not immediately strike you as Filipino food, but this was a chain from the Philippines. I wasn't quite sure what to expect given the sloppy appearance of these burgers, but my Cheese Burger Deluxe ended up being so good that I inhaled it in less than a minute.

What the heck was it that made it so good? It was the Cheese Whiz-like sauce. It may sound nasty, but think of the richness of a Philly cheesesteak coming together with the flame-grilled taste of a burger, all with a very moist patty. This stuff would probably be fabulous after a night of heavy binge-drinking, but I liked it even when I was completely sober.

The only catch was that they took their time in making these things. It literally took longer for them to make one than it did for me to eat. It was worth the wait though. I wonder how the other burgers here taste.


miko said...

Looks like you are getting hooked on Filipino stuffs. Try the crispy burger melt. You'll love the bacon bits.

Food! said...

Yeah, these guys seem be getting it right with the sauces! its something different from your usual fare of BBQ sauces! thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

less than a minute? fucking pig.