Monday, June 30, 2008

Mack's Chicken Inasal Atbp., Singapore

Chicken Inasal

All right - it's more Filipino food...but this time, at Singapore's Lau Pa Sat Market. I guess I couldn't stay away from that vinegar after all, with these guys offering a spicy one in addition to a regular one. I sure needed it; for some reason, the grilled chicken here was rather greasy, and a good dose of vinegar helped cut right through it.

They had a few other dishes here to choose from too, including longganiza and sisig. But after this greasy chicken, I still needed something sour, and ended up grabbing a lime juice at the drink stall down the way.


Baby Soh said...

Hi Hi

Not sure if you had heard of this place but you might want to try this Philippine Cuisine place. Its call 7,107 FLAVOURS located at:
2nd level, Marina Square Unit# 02-02

This was recommended by another foodie.

Barbie said...

This inasal is meant to be greasy because of the "chicken oil". If I'm not wrong, these are drippings with achuete that give it's orangey color. And it is used for basting. In the Philippines, They are also using it as topping for the steamed rice.

Actually, that vinegar is supposed to neutralize the oil. Tried their chicken and it's fairly nice for me. :)