Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Hindu Meal on SQ

SQ's Lamb Hindu Meal

It doesn't look like much in the photo, but the lamb in SQ's Hindu meal was darned tasty, as were the lentils on the other side of the tray. Put it together with the pickles, cucumber, and yogurt, and I found myself wishing for seconds tonight.

Well, this was just part of my effort to go for Indian meals on planes. I only wish that these were more commonly offered, as I still feel really guilty for requesting a special meal that clearly I wasn't the intended audience for. It's just so much tastier than the "normal" meals though.


Starfish said...

SQ's Indian veg meals are really good too - but it also depends on your point of departure. I had some fantastic Indian food returning to Singapore from London but it was just so-so on the return flight from Amsterdam. Don't think it's an abuse of the system; you're ordering them in advance anyway :)

meeblesmcsmiley said...

ooo, i have to remember that when i fly....actually if you feel guilty, just tell anyone who dares to give you the evil eye, that you are getting in touch with your Indian roots. Or say you are supporting Indian culture by showcasing the cuisine to other pasengers.