Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Indian Vegetarian Meal on UA

UA's Indian Vegetarian Meal out of Narita

Here was the Indian vegetarian meal on the return run out of Narita. It wasn't as spicy as the one on the leg from Singapore, but they did include pickles and yogurt to make it a bit more complete.

In fact, they also gave me a piping hot piece of flatbread. It was yellowish in color, so I presume that it was a variant of the darker-colored chapati that I'm used to seeing?

Well, I liked this enough that I'd really like to eat the inflight Indian meals more often...I just hope that I'm not abusing the system here.


Colin said...

Try the Hindu (non veg) meals on SQ. Nothing beats a good spicy tikka while your fellow passengers are stuck with chicken/beef. The pickles are to die for.

siting said...
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bma said...

As mentioned last time, I'll respectfully decline the opportunity, but thank you anyway.

I've deleted your comment again so that you don't get spammed.

marksadventures said...

it shouldn't be abusing the system if you're just requesting a vegetarian meal, and your preference is indian food, right?

it actually looks nice. in-flight meals seem to have come a long way in the last ten years.

on a long haul flight, i'd preferably choose an airline with a reputation for palatable in-flight meals. so i'm sure most airlines are paying attention to their meals now to attract return customers.