Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Kambing Shootout at Ayer Rajah Food Centre

Soup Kambing from A Rashid Khan in the front and Shireen Rizwana in the back

Soup Kambing is one of my favorite local dishes in Singapore. And yet it's not often that I get to eat the stuff aside from an occasional run down to some random roti prata shop. So this morning, we went west to where allegedly some of the best Soup Kambing could be found on the island: the Ayer Rajah Food Centre (503 West Coast Drive).

Two stalls here in particular sold it: A Rashid Khan at stall #58 and Shireen Rizwana at stall #49. Interestingly, both of them claimed to hail from Shenton Way, but that's where the similarities ended. A Rashid Khan's came off a bit more polished to me, with subtle flavors in the soup and extra tender mutton. But I preferred the brashness of Shireen Rizwana's instead. It was not only more tasty with a bit more more oil floating on top, but more importantly, it was delightfully spicy enough to get my heart racing.

Now, it's been a while since I've been to the guy at Adam Road, so I am having trouble making a comparison to his. But I think these guys here are open until around midnight so I'll be sure to come down here next time I need a late night filling. Good stuff.


mike.h said...

Another good post... I'll be in singapore for 5 meals. What would you recommend? Thanks... My preferences are very similar to yours. I guess good cheap eats are always hard to resist..

Anonymous said...
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bma said...

Thanks for the generous offer but I'll respectfully decline. I've deleted your comment here so that you don't get spammed.

Samantha said...

Hey, I stumbled upon your blog and it's been great to read. Now I have ideas of places to take guests as I don't eat out due to allergies.