Monday, July 02, 2007

Benny's at Maxwell Food Centre

Hungarian Beef Goulash

I read about this place in the Sunday Times not long ago, and was in the vicinity today, so I stopped by to check it out (Maxwell Food Centre #01-16). Now, I'm hardly in any position to be able to attest to the authenticity of the Hungarian Beef Goulash, apparently one of the owner's claims to fame. But it was tender and tasty enough on its own merits, despite not really being spicy and all the while having what seemed to be an excessive amount of garlic.

While I might not necessarily rush back here for this, it was better than I was expecting for a "Western" hawker stall (maybe I'll come back for some cheese-stuffed pork thing here that sounded rather intriguing). Interestingly, this guy also runs an F&B consulting business on the side; you've gotta give him due respect for taking a risk and doing something different.


Anonymous said...

The Stuffed pork thingy is much better... JF

the girl with the thorn in her side said...

I tried looking for it the other day and ended up missing it still!

Thanks for the unit number. I'm going to pay a visit soon!