Sunday, July 01, 2007

Whoa...Tanglin Marketplace has Artichokes!

Artichokes in Singapore!!

Being from California, I pretty much grew up eating artichokes. But living on the equator now means that getting artichokes are nearly impossible, and my trips to more temperate climates unfortunately were not timed well with artichoke season either. So I was quite surprised the other day when I noticed that the supermarket at the basement of Tanglin Mall had artichokes (whoa...that required a double take!). They were a bit on the small side (not to mention expensive at about S$18.30 per kilogram, or basically around US$3 a head), but I was so excited to see this that I had to grab some.

Yeah, I had to prepare them at home, but steaming them in a pot with some salt and lemon juice isn't exactly rocket science. Besides, SanoBar no longer offers artichoke due to lack of demand. Here's to hoping that the supermarket keeps selling them then.

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Ray said...

prices are ridiculous! Its US$1 for 3 in CA!