Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bukang Tuna, Red Dot Traffic Building

Raw tuna slathered in Korean chili sauce

This was a bit of a unique one (28 Maxwell Road #01-06, 6327-4123). It took a little while to figure out exactly what they were serving at first, but they billed themselves as a "Japanese-style Korean Restaurant," or basically Japanese food localized for Koreans. I figured that I'd eaten plenty of Korean food localized by the Japanese, so why not try the reverse? The sushi bar aside, this was clearly a Korean place, complete with Korean drinks, newspapers, and metal utensils (no, it wasn't my intent to eat Korean food two days in a row...I actually didn't know what I wanted to eat for lunch today, so I just started walking around randomly and found myself here).

Rice topped with furikake, masago, and kimchiIn many ways, it was pretty much what I expected of the two cuisines coming together. My "tuna set" (hey, if they went so far as to put tuna in the name of the restaurant, I'd better try it, right?) started with slivers of tuna slathered with some of that sweet Korean chili sauce, and was actually still on the light side. The sashimi that came next didn't feature any localization, but the sizzling platter of corn after that suddenly changed things. Even the bowl of rice at the end came topped with furikake, masago, and kimchi, an interesting mix that actually did work given that they didn't go too excessively on any of them.

That was better than I thought it would be, and yes, I'll come back again to explore a bit more of this unique collection. They had all sorts of other things on the menu, including noodles, unagi, and "stews" that looked like nabemono ingredients sitting in one of those little bowls used for kimchi jige. I guess I'm just curious to see how those will turn out.


JadedOne said...

Heh, did you get a new camera or camera phone?

bma said...

Yep - it's an N95 now. The macro mode's depth of field is much shallower than the N80's, which can produce some nice effects, even though it has taken me a while to adjust to the fact that it's less forgiving.

Actually, the autofocus range for the macro mode is much, much closer than Nokia stated in its documentation (they got it completely wrong!), so I was puzzled at first as to why it had so much trouble focusing. This is also why I needed to use smaller photos in some of my recent posts to hide the fact that they were totally out of focus. I've experimented a bit more with it though and think I've finally gotten the hang of it now...I just have to hug my food a lot more closely than before.

|Г*~` 羼G耄 `~*ぇ| said...

Hi, can u please include the cost of the meal in ur interesting posts? So I can gauge whether it's "worth" the trouble of trying out myself :)

Have u tried the chicken rice opp Novena Church? It's the BEST!