Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dae Jang Keum, Yess Leisure


There's definitely no shortage of Korean restaurants in the CBD, although this one was in a bit of a peculiar place (25 Shenton Way #02-01, 6224-5525). I only noticed it when a cab driver happened to be taking me onto the freeway a couple weeks ago, just before reaching the on-ramp. It is surrounded by a bunch of karaoke lounges or something at Yess Leisure (not to be confused with Yess Centre in the West), which made it even weirder. And even when you get to this restaurant, you have to head upstairs to the second floor to find the dining room.

KalbiAnyway, I went for some kind of special unmarinated and boneless kalbi. It certainly was tender and tasty (and they provided my requisite dipping oil), but at a whopping S$38 (US$25.30), I would expect at least that, especially since the portions were so disappointingly small. At least there was tons of kimchee. Even if I won't be coming back frequently, this was much better than I thought it would be, as many of the items they used were admirably fresh and of high quality.


Kathy said...

Hey, I found a new Korean place right off Boat Quay, it's just beside Maharajah restaurant. The banchan there certainly looks tastier than the one in your photo and I don't think the kalbi is $38.

I can't remember the name though.

prim said...

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ClearTear said...

Togi at mosque st is sooo good, run by a korean company, but they recently hired some staff who can't seems to understand what i am talking about.

Had been to a great korean restaurant at FUrama hotel, there is only one korean restaurant there i think, can't remember the name.

Try it!

Anonymous said...

If you go earlier, they do give a 20% discount. Which makes it very worthwhile. We had the pork set and the kimchi soup, both exceeded expectations.