Saturday, April 21, 2007

Andhra Curry, Kerbau Road

Andhra Hydrabadi Biryani

A former colleague of mine from India had referred me to this place (41 Kerbau Road, 6293-3935), on the basis that they had a great dhal. I couldn't quite find it explicitly stated on the surprisingly brief menu tonight, but I figured that it would be included in the kalyana bhojana, a vegetarian thali whose many samples were much more distinctive than I would have thought, including an extremely sour soup (in a good way). The dhal - assuming that this was the same one that my colleague referred me to - was nothing like Bukhara's rich ghee-infused one, but it was tangy and spicy, so much that I could still feel the heat in my stomach as we went home.

We also grabbed their biryani, which was fine, although I still found Mirchi's and Heritage's to be more edgy and exciting. One other surprising thing was a rather significant number of tourists here; only did I realize afterwards that this place was listed in the Lonely Planet guide. Anyway, that thali was indeed memorable enough for me to come back for, although admittedly there are still so many other restaurants in Little India to try that it may be some time before that happens.


Anonymous said...

Andhra Curry also has a small branch at the hawker centre near Robinson Road. We ended up there one Sunday as a detour from the Robinson Road Saravanaa Bhavan branch which is closed on Sundays.

My husband is from Andhra Pradesh and found the food to be quite authentic (and he prefers veg meals). The sour soup was probably rasam which is made from boiled tamarind. It has the same spices as sambar, but with no veg and sometimes no dal added in.

I still prefer the Special Thali at Saravanaa Bhavan, especially with the deep-fried chillies.

Anonymous said...

yes there are really many great places to eat at little india! my current fixation is Everest Kitchen. i've been taking almost all my friends there and it has never failed to deliver. it actually serves more Nepalese than Indian fare. The butter chicken is really divine and a total must-try - pair it with their naan; as well as the fried ladies fingers which are ladies fingers sliced really super thinly and fried like chips. usually its not very crowded, coz its still relatively undiscovered; and service is nice and pleasant although the waitresses don't speak English very well.
i can't remember the exact address, but its right next to Foo Chow Methodist Church which is at 90 Race Course Rd :)