Saturday, March 17, 2007

Osteria Italia Restaurant, Bukit Timah

Penne Granchio

Just as we were thinking of Italian food last night, a very timely suggestion was posted about a place out on Bukit Timah, so we went to take a look. Located next door to the Hyundai dealership, this place (891 Bukit Timah Road, 6462-0838) was shockingly small: the dining room was literally not much bigger than my bedroom, and didn't really have too many tables to sit at as a result, excluding some of the tables outside. Size aside though, it did take on a bit of an upscale approach to the decor.

So how was the food? It was fine, and had some potential, although there were a few things to pick on. The lamb rack was very tender, but also seasoned so minimally that it lacked a "fun" edge (the cheesy potatoes underneath were good enough for me to inhale quite quickly though). The penne granchio had the right idea, although the pasta was slightly undercooked and the crab meat could have been fresher. The panna cotta and hot chocolate lava cake both did the job, even if the latter was quite amusing in appearance (as if someone had dropped it on the plate or smashed it from above to get the chocolate to ooze out).

Hot Chocolate Lava CakeBy and large, it wasn't bad. But yeah, it could be tough for these guys, considering that there are several great Italian places out on Bukit Timah already. Perhaps if we lived right next door, this would be a dependable neighborhood eatery to walk over to and grab a bite. But since we have quite a trek all the way out to the Bukit Timah area, we might very well just choose Borgo down the street instead (or simply just go straight to La Braceria).


Anonymous said...

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Saw the pic in your profile... that be in Diego at Roberto's? A carne asada burrito with guacamole and and cheese... god, I'd kill for one of those right about now...

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bma said...

Wow - thanks for the invite. I'm flattered, although I think I'll respectfully decline for now.

That sure is Roberto's in the picture though...oh geez, now you've got me thinking about that place (drooool).

huilin said...


This restaurant is good.

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Personally I feel so...But u've got to try it to find out whether does the food there caters well to ur taste buds. =)

Mojo said...

Try the chocolate bombs from Melvados. Those things are awesome:

I tried the apple crumble too. It was good but not that great. But the bombs are out of this world. Specially with some vanilla ice cream once the hot liquid chocolate inside flows out.