Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jang Shou Korean Charcoal BBQ

Yang Nyum Galbi

Here's the yang nyum galbi from a Korean BBQ place at Esplanade Mall (#01-13, 6337-8880), which for some reason arrived in one big sheet of meat rather than bone-attached ribs. Normally I don't like places that cook the meat for you either, but in this case, it was convenient to have someone else use those infamous scissors to cut this giant sheet of meat up.

Unfortunately, the marinade was so sweet that this almost tasted like local bak kwa. I don't have anything against bak kwa (indeed, I do like it on its own), but for kalbi this was too sweet for me, and there wasn't any sesame oil lying around to help offset it either. I suppose that we could have ordered a non-marinated version, which probably would have turned out fine, but the sweetness of this will discourage me a bit from returning. My preference is still for Auntie Kim's for now.


lordsnipe said...

If you enjoy those 'cook it yourself' places, try Yuki Yaki at Marina Square ..

Last time I was in Singapore, we absolutely loved the value.. all you can eat salmon (plus other delights) for 2 hours .. yum!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Ikoi at Miramar Hotel? It's a Japanese buffet and the sashimi and tempura is really good. :)

bma said...

Yep - type it into the search box above and you will find this.

Anonymous said...

Some tips at Korean restaurant..

You can always ask for Kirum-jang, sesame oil mixed with salt and pepper, when you order BBQ meat at any Korean restaurant. But it does not go well along with (heavily-)marinated kalbi, I would say. Some restaurants offer special dipping sauce, basically thin mixture of soy sauce and sesame oil.

On DIY part, just tell them you want to do it yourself. They'll let you do it. ^^;

Reddish said...

I don't then to cook for me either. I felt so uncomfortable. If I know it's not a DIY I would have go somewhere else to eat.