Tuesday, December 19, 2006

TAM's Domestic Inflight Service in Brazil

A cheese sandwich and guarana

This was looking a bit dismal at first. The only thing we got on the first leg of this domestic flight up to Rio was a measly little piece of candy during boarding. We didn't even get a glass of water, thus making that little foam cup on Aerolineas Argentinas look generous.

An Arcor Butter ToffeeOnly when we reached the second (and heavily delayed) leg did a few sandwiches get handed out, which was a bit puzzling considering that it was the shorter of the two legs. At least guarana was available among the drink selections. It may not have been the caipirinha that I was fantasizing would be offered by a Brazilan airline, but I suppose that would have been as realistic as carving churrasco on the airplane too. Dream on.

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