Saturday, March 25, 2006

Samba Brazillian [sic] Churrascaria

ChurrascoI finally made it out here today (902 East Coast Parkway, 6348-8406). The menu was pretty straightforward; it's just churrasco, priced at S$33 (US$19.40) on weekends (or lower for kids and weekdays), plus a 30% pre-7PM early bird discount. On the other side of the menu, they had a drink list, including different flavors of caipirinhas (I guess in Brazil they will call those caipifrutas?), but I stuck to the traditional lime.

By and large, I was impressed with the food. Most of it was pretty good (and the linguica tasted very familiar, seeing that they procure from Espirito Santo). I devoured the beans, which they had as a "bean stew" that was separate from the feijoada. (Hey I've never been to Brazil before; aren't they supposed to be done together? Well, I liked the beans separate from all those innards anyway.) The caipirinhas were probably one of the best that I've had too; done just to the right amount of sweetness and freshness to make them dangerously addictive (it's like candy!).

Still, this place has one huge shortcoming: the verrrry slow service (and it's not like this place was excessively busy on a Saturday night either; the place was only about 30% full when I was there). Sure, I can understand if they want the rodizio to come out slowly, so as to motivate hungry customers to devour the much cheaper salads and sides that are easily accessible in the middle of the restaurant instead. But if the profit motive were really the driver here, then they should have been much more faster in bringing out the drinks. Every time, they failed to realize that my drink was empty and didn't ask if I wanted another one. Even after I proactively asked them for another drink, they took forever to bring it out to me. They seriously could have realized a lot more money had they been quicker on the drinks, especially considering how tasty their caipirinhas were. What a shame.

Well, this place is definitely better than Carnivore at CHIJMES. But I'd probably still have to tip the scales to Mamma Lucia; their meat quality was just as good (if not better) than Samba's. And despite Mamma Lucia's horrendous caipirinhas, their service is much more prompt (plus, it's much closer to town).


Donald said...

You should have told them to speed it up for you! Last time I headed down there, the timing of the food was just right. Don't be shy to tell the passadors what sort of meat you like. They will be more than glad to serve it out for you.

bma said...

The concern wasn't so much about the speed of the food, but rather the inattentiveness in something that should have been in their own interest to want to bring out much more quickly: the drinks. I did indeed have to tell them each time myself that I wanted another drink. They really could have made a lot more money off me had they been more proactive.

Zenon Kimoto said...

First, I want to congratulate for your blog. It’s amazing.

I’m from Brazil and Japanese descendant. I drink a lot of “caipirinha” (the correct name), but there is another kind of caipirinha now; caipiroska that is made with vodka and sakerinha, made with sake. The original recipe is made with Cachaça (a Brazilian traditional beverage made from sugar cane, also called “pinga” or “aguardente”) and lemon with sugar and ice. And today, they prepare with a lot of kind of fruit, like strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit, grape, etc… Another point that I want to clear you is about “Feijoada”. It was create by ancient African slave and during this time It was seeing as a food for poorer but today It is a refined dish, even Bill Clint tasted it. The dish is prepared with black beans, pork meat, linguiça and other ingredients that I don’t remember now.

I hope that you understood my poor English.