Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saltimbocca alla Romana from Cantina

Saltimbocca alla Romana

Here's the saltimbocca from Cantina. They did theirs with pork instead of veal...and sitting on a bed of potatoes and Brussel sprouts too. The meat was a bit tough and some of the potato cuts sat in the pan so long that they dried out and got hard, but in the end, I still liked this salty-buttery concoction (then again, I guess anything drowning in a pool of butter will taste good).

I've never had this anywhere else, so I really can't compare the merits of Cantina's version to others, but this was good enough that my interest in Cantina has been reinstated. Sure, they do things to a bit of excess (like the ridiculously copious garlic cloves in their aglio olio), but at least they are excessive amounts of ingredients that I like. It was good to finally break free of their pasta and pizza menu too.

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