Friday, August 19, 2005

More dishes from Cantina


Here's just a few newly-tried dishes from Cantina, the first of which is the prosciutto on enormously large (and quite sweet) melon slices. The prosciutto was a bit tough though.

Actually, tonight was a bit of a disappointment compared to previous nights. The mushrooms were a bit boring (I was expecting a richer butter taste).

I strayed off the menu here too - the aglio olio with crab meat, which was a recommendation in another review. Although it was good, I was a bit surprised that they used whole cloves of garlic (are they too lazy to slice it?). This made for a strange meal considering that the chunks of crab meat were basically the same shape as the garlic cloves, thus creating some surprises when you popped them into your mouth. I like garlic, so the taste was still OK, but I would have preferred sliced garlic. I also should have told them to use linguine instead of spaghetti. The service today was also spotty - we had to wait a long time for the food, even after reminding them (they must have forgotten about our table). At least the pizza was nice and thin.

Well, this won't detract me from coming here - the food is still good. But tonight was a bit of a letdown from the heavenly experiences of the past.

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AF said...

In case you don't already know, the head chef Valentino left Cantina and is now running his own restaurant and cake shop.