Saturday, December 02, 2006

Curry Lamb Pepper Rice with Cheese

Curry Lamb Pepper Rice with Cheese

It looks like Pepper Lunch is featuring two new lamb specials now: the Curry Lamb Pepper Rice with Cheese and the Yaki-Shabu Pepper Lamb. While the thinly sliced lamb of the latter looked good, the thought of cheese in the former sounded more interesting.

One might imagine that adding cheese to this thing would be rather odd, but don't forget that this is on a hot plate, and if the cheese falls into direct contact with the plate long enough, you get some really nice crispy cheese fragments in your rice (see it melting at the bottom of the photo?). In fact, I kinda wish that they put a little more cheese on this thing.

Other than that, the thing was still very similar to the curry beef pepper rice, although of course they used lamb instead of beef, which adds a little more character to it too. Thumbs up for me. I just hope that this doesn't become one of those passing specials that disappears after a while like the US Beef Kalbi that they offered a while back.

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shoo said...

hellooo! i'm a singaporean student on exchange for a year so your blog is doing me so much good, because i crave singapore food soawful much so thanks for helping with the cravings! (though inciting more at the same time, i just saw the post about wo ties. damn.)

and i always thought pepper lunch smelt nicer than it tasted (at taka at least haha)