Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Da Paolo Il Ristorante, Club Street

Vendure Griglia

No, we're not intentionally trying to repeat restaurants these past few days. It's just that coming here tonight (80 Club Street, 6224-7081) was convenient, and we'd never tried the Club Street variant from these guys before. I saw the osso buco on the menu and ordered that without much contemplation, and added some grilled veggies to start. The veggies weren't anywhere as tasty as Original Sin's (and still quite a ripoff at S$16, or US$10), but hey - at least it was healthy.

Osso BucoNext of course came the osso buco, which I was a bit disappointed in at first glance when I only saw one bone surrounded by tons of meat. But the meat turned tender enough to just crumble apart with a fork. And perhaps more importantly, the bone had more marrow in in than I had ever scooped out of a single bone before, with enough to spread over at least a few pieces of bread. Wiping up some of the sauce with the bread too allowed it all to come together so satisfyingly that I ironically found their osso buco to be one of the better ones that I've had thus far (although I really should go to Milan one of these days to try the real deal, especially since I only recently became a marrow convert).

OK, that worked, even if the osso buco made the meal rather pricey. I'm still not sure what the differences are between all of these Da Paolo restaurants, but I guess they do the job.

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