Monday, November 06, 2006

Bei Fang Feng Wei, Smith Street


I'd seen this place across from Hometown before, but only now did we come by to try it (18 Smith Street, 6324-2933). These guys specialized in Northern Chinese food, so we went ahead and got some of the typical items, such as potstickers, braised pork buns, hand cut noodles, and scallion pastry.

Braised Pork BunsThey all fared fine (with the exception of the string beans, which were a bit soggy). But there was nothing really so exciting that it would draw me back here right away. Maybe we ordered the wrong things, but I would have rather gone to Hometown if we were in the vicinity already anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Actually the fried fish in sweet and sour sauce was excellent-its there signature dish you should have tried it and value for money too excellent!