Monday, July 17, 2006

Potstickers from Cheng Li Yuan


After seeing that comment about Cheng Li Yuan, I came back today for a quick lunch with to see if maybe my first (disappointing) visit was my own fault for ordering the wrong things. I ordered just two items this time: an onion pancake thing as well as the potstickers. The onion pancake turned out better than I was expecting: it was flaky, oily, and salty (although I wish that they had cranked up each of those factors by just half a notch more). OK, that wasn't too bad.

Next up were the potstickers, which surprisingly had a huge amount of broth bursting out from inside, and the stuffing was decent. Something about the skin bothered me a bit though, as it was a bit sticky.

Well, this was much better than my last experience here (seeing that I actually ordered the right things this time), but I still won't make an effort to come back. I'd rather walk around the corner to get potstickers from the Dumpling Nazi instead. Besides, the attitude of the service here was so lethargic that it's not a place I can afford to hit up on my lunch break (the proprietor was taking things so nonchalantly today that I didn't even bother ordering the caramelized dessert thing that I wanted; I needed to get back to the office and couldn't wait any longer).

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